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Электронная версия научно-популярного журнала "Архитектура и строительство Москвы".
Выходит 6 раз в год.

 Архитектура и строительство Москвы №2

Содержание номера:


Академия на рубеже веков

Как век грядущий нам готовить?

Строительное материаловедение на рубеже веков


Градостроительство и общество

Россия в мировом архитектурном процессе.
Итоги ХХ века

Медали и дипломы РААСН
Номинация: Архитектура и градостроительство

Номинация: Строительные науки

Свобода творчества - миф или реальность?

С.И.Соколов, А.М.Катханова
Центр Санкт-Петербурга.
Инвестиционная стратегия реконструкции



Works are presented for competition of medals and awards of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Building Sciences

Nomination: architectural projecting
o M.Hazanov.The project of the yacht-club in Mischor; the building of the savings bank at the Volgogradsky prospekt in Moscow; the building of the business-centre in Tbilisi; the project of memorable ensembles in Katyn and Mednoe; the country estate in districts near Moscow.
o A.Michaylov. The regional Puppet Theatre in Novosibirsk.
o A.Haritonov, E.Pestov, N.Pestova. The new building of the bank "Garantiya" in Nizhny Novgorod.
o L.Gurevskaya, A.Papanyan, B.Troitsky, A.Krasilnikov, A.Konopleva, T.Sheptun,I.Cherepanov, A.Muravev. The project of restoration and expansion of the Irkutsk Drama Theatre.
o R.Kananin, N.Kuznetsova, K.Svirin. The many-storeyed dwelling house at the Krasnoproletarskaya street in Moscow.
o V.Yaroshevsky, L.Zvukov, B.Averyanov, J.Goryainov, N.Karpov, G.Kormishkin, K.Kuznitsyn. The health-resort hotel centre "Lazurnaya" in Sochi.
o P.Pavlov, L.Sevastyanova, M.Pavlova, V.Vilches-Nogerol, O.Kirjuchina. The business building at the Dobraya sloboda in Moscow.
o V.Judintsev. The block at the Tsvetnoy boulevard in Moscow.

Nomination: town-planning
o The overall plan for Vologda.
o The project of planning and building of central square of Hanty-Mansiysk.
o The town-planning ecological conception of development of the mountain climatic health resort "Krasnaya Polyana".
Nomination: books
o "The architecture of Russian country estate". The author's collective under the leadership of the Corresponding Member of the RAABS N.F.Gulyanitsky.
o "Osip Bove". The author Z.K.Pokrovskaya.
o "The old Chabarovsk: portrait of the city in wood and stone". The author N.P.Kradin.
o "The empress and the architect. The architecture and gardens at court of Ekaterina II". The author D.O.Shvidkovsky.
o "The architectural chronicle of Rostov-on-Don". The authors G.V.Esaulov, V.A.Chernitsyna.
o "Architects about architects. Leningrad o Peterburg, XX century". The compiler J.I.Kurbatov.

Nomination: research works
o V.V.Naydenko, L.N.Gubanov. "The purification and utilization of industrial drains of galvanic productions".
o S.G.Golovnev. "The technology of winter concrete. The optimization of parameters and the choice of methods".
o V.A.Ignatev, O.L.Sokolov, I.Altenbarch, V.Kissing. "The calculation of thin-walled spatial constructions of the lamellar and lamellar-bar structure".
o R.Sh.Abzhalimov, A.M.Alexandrovich, A.I.Baal, L.A.Kuznetsova, N.G.Romanova. The cycle of scientific-technical elaborations "The projecting and building of edifices and constructions at gulf subsoil beddings".
o T.K.Akchurin, O.K.Potapova, I.V.Stefanenko. "The use of source of raw materials of Volgogradsky region in the technology of building materials".
o A.N.Bogomolov. "The calculation of laying capacity of bedding constructions and firmness of soil massives in the elastic plastic erection".
o V.A.Pshenichkina. "The probabilistic calculation of buildings of industrial number of storeys on dynamical influences".
o A.G.Perechozhentsev. "Questions of the theory and calculation of humid condition of heterogeneous lots enclosing constructions of buildings".

Academy at the boundary of centuries
Kudryavtsev A.P., President of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Building Sciences
The past period was the period of the organization making of the RAABS. The author of the article sums up results of the work of the Academy for this period and tells about future tasks. (p. 2)

How we are to prepare the future century?
Resin V.I., the deputy of the Premier of the Moscow government, Academician
The present article of Resin V.I. tells in detail
about different tendencies are drawing up the basis of the firm development of Moscow. (p. 6)

The building material management at the boundary of centuries
Solomatov V.I., Full Member of the RAABS
The scientific building material management formed under the influence of technical and social factors, achievements of fundamental sciences. The article gives an idea about the development this science. (p. 10)

The Russian Academy of Architecture and Building Sciences was led the questionnaire among members of the Academy and leading specialists of the branch on the eve of the session of the General meeting. The Academy offered them to answer three questions:
1. What perspectives of Russian town' development does the XXI century open?
2. What city (town) do you like?
3. What role of the Academy has to be in the forming of Russian architecture?
One of the main problems are standing in front of the humanity is the arrangement of cities where the most population of the Earth spends its biggest part of the life now.
These questions will be discussed on the session of the General meeting of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Building Sciences (RAABS). The session will take place on 20-22 of April in S.Peterburg. The present issue of the magazine "Architecture and Building of Moscow" is dedicated to these questions. (p. 12, 38)

Town-planning and society
Smolyar I.M., Academician of the RAABS
In Russia the town-planning situation has its own peculiarities and acute problems. The town-planning problems demand solutions. This is one of the barest necessities of the XXIst century. (p.13 )

Russia in the world architectural process. Results of the XXth century
Ikonnikov A.V., Academician of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Building Sciences
The article tells about the place of Russia in the world architectural process. The Academician Ikonnikov A.V. gives in his article the description of historical stages of development of the architecture, the creation and styles in Russia. (p. 18)

Freedom of creation - the myth or the reality?
Kuzmin A.V., the chief architect of Moscow
The author of the article stresses that it is necessary to recognize the State regulation and control in the sphere of architecture. The present article is dedicated to the problem of the creation freedom. (p. 42)

The centre of Saint Peterburg.Investment strategy of the reconstruction
Sokolov S.I., Academician of the RAABS
Kathanova A.M.,architect
The article tells about the project of the northern capital centre reconstruction. The authors of the article consider the main theses of the investment strategy of projects. They tell in detail about the conception of reconstruction and development of the investment zone "Sennaya square". (p. 44)