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Thought about Moscow
About what is disputing and speaking in the workshop N20
The article is dedicated to architectural problems of our city. The present article has several subtitles: - about the city, sense of site and about the client; - about the culture, skill and conscience of an architect; - about the history and contemporaneity, traditions and the innovation, about the new and the old; - about architectural competitions. (p.2)

The stability of town development - what is it?
Tetior A.N., Professor, Doctor of technical sciences
The magazine publishes the present article as the start of publications under the heading " The town and the stability of development ". The town life is the centre of cultural wealth, here must be created conditions for new spiritual, social, philosophical, political and cultural aspirations. ( p.10)

Victor Ivanovich Trofimov
Eremeev P.G., Doctor of technical sciences
Kondrachov E.I., Candidate of technical sciences
The article is published under the heading " Portrait of the Master " and tells about the great scientist and inventor in the sphere of metal constructions, honorary member of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Building Sciences Trofimov V.I.. ( p.13)

The reconstruction of the Gagarin's square
Platonov J.P., Academician of Architecture
The reconstruction of the Gagarin's square has a history of many years. The present article tells about the modern project of reconstruction of this square. The whole complex of the Gagarin's square is the unique landscape,architectural and historical monument. The preservation of this monument is the important part of the project of reconstruction. ( p.17)

The Bolshoi Theatre: the stage of biography
Maslov A.V., architect
The Bolshoi Theatre received a number of buildings adjoining to town blocks for its coping and reconstruction. It was in 1983 thanks to the resolution of the government. All this defined the main conception of the following reconstruction of the Bolshoi Theatre. The present article tells about the specific character of the reconstruction of this Theatre. ( p.25)

With a large bay lightlimpid roofing of the Gostiny Dvor in Moscow
Eremeev P.G., Doctor of technical sciences, Professor
Kanchely N.V., Candidate of technical sciences
By the reconstruction of building complex of the Old Gostiny Dvor in the Moscow centre it was taken decision to overlap the inner court with the lightlimpid cover. The covered space intends for the all-the-year-round trade, for the mass cultural, sporting measures, for the organization of exhibitions and etc.. (p.32)

The Church at the Elinka - the return of losses...
Mozhaev A.V.
Mosunov J.P.
The authors of the article on the grounds of the location information and new archives materials tell the readers about the history of the Church at the Elinka for a period of XVI - XIX centuries and also about as things now stand. ( p.39)

" Easter eggs " of the S.Tkachenko's workshop
Nashtchokina M.V., Candidate of Architecture
The article tells about the creative collective of the architectural workshop under the leadership of
Tkachenko S.B.. The work of this workshop was marked by series of unusual projects of dwelling houses and office buildings. All these projects vary in any case the shape of an egg.
( p.46)